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Note: The results will not show all of the information displayed on the web site. The web pages that are created dynamically from the database are not included at this time.

For best results, use all UPPERCASE or all lowercase letters. Wildcards such as * may be used in words.

For mulitple words, it is best to use "and" or "or" to get desired results.
See the following examples:
Keyword Results - Shows any article with
story the word "story" somewhere in the web page
diner the word "diner" somewhere in the article
story diner the words "story diner" somewhere in the article. The words must be next to each other and in this order. While this option is very specific and will return fewer pages, quite often you will not find pages of interest. Using the “and” option is probably better.
story and diner both the word "story and diner" somewhere in the article. They do not have to be next to each other.
story or diner either the word "story" or the word "diner" somewhere in the article.



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