Tracy Loves Ray - The Song


The song "Tracy Loves Ray" was written by an incredibly talented songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania named Jay Hitt. Jay has been writing and performing music for many years. Jay was inspired to write the song "Tracy Loves Ray" by a sign on an overpass on I-71 enroute to Lodi, Ohio.













Somewhere in Ohio, there's an overpass marked with graffiti. It declares, "TRACY LOVES RAY". The first few times they see it, most folks probably wonder if there isn't a story hidden there, but over time they come to accept it as part of the landscape. Probably a couple of love-crazed kids who went their separate ways and no longer admit to knowing each other. Who's to say?

Jay Hitt opens his new collection of songs by giving life to Tracy and Ray. They meet, and the spark of love is kindled, but who really believes in love these days? She follows the call of her career. Time and distance do their dirty work. But people who dare to love in Jay Hitt's world are ultimately rewarded. As in a fairy tale, his narrator can barely suppress a smile. You know that eventually the protagonists will live happily ever after, but the real winners are the romantics who dare to believe in love.

Jay's songs are built around melody and acoustic guitar, and nothing in the production clutters or obscures. Percussion, harmony, counterpoint melody, subtle orchestration- the listener feels the effect without being distracted by the effect, a rare achievement in this age of recording gadgetry. Songs range from sweeping cinematic epics to simple love songs celebrating family values.

Jay Hitt has a lovely singing voice. He hits the high notes effortlessly but manages to keep the melodies within the range of the average listener who might wish to sing along. The tunes are instantly likeable and become downright infectious with repetition. The writing is impeccable. The lyrics roll off the tongue without a stray syllable in the collection.

Source: Robert Wagner, Calliope Music News & Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Check out Jay's website at to see when and where he’s playing in the near future.  The song "Tracy Loves Ray" is on the CD Gentle Persuader.


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